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Tria Frog Treats Freeze Dried Party Platter

These are great for gatherings, birthdays, baby or wedding showers, family reunions or any occasion.


Price is per oz - select from the following candy selections below. Comes with custom labeling for your event. 


Please email your order to


Caramel Clouds


Chocolate Nougat Nibbles

Cotton Candy Taffy

Ditzy Dabs (Bite size bits)

Ditzy Puffs (Bars)

Fruity Chews Assorted

Fruity Chews Sweet & Sour

Geek Gobs – Regular

Geek Gobs – Berry

Gummy Rings-Green Apple

Gummy Rings-Peach

Gummy Rings-Watermelon

Hi Chews Tropical

Honey Puffs

Java Jots

Jovial Farmers

Lemon Puffs

Rainbow Dibs – Wild Berry

Rainbow Dibs– Regular

Rainbow Dibs– Sour

Rainbow Dibs– Sour Wild Berry

Sour Balls

Sour Gummy Worms

Tart Tittles


Tria Frog Treats reccommends special consideration be taken when displaying these party platters. No direct sunlight, indoors with AC is ideal where humidity is limited. Tria Frog Treats shrinkwraps product, once customer removes shrink wrapping, it is best to consume within two hours time or place candies in air tight container. Please note the party platter these come in is not airtight and should not be used to store candies once opened.

Tria Frog Treats Freeze Dried Party Platter

1 Ounce
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