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Donation Requests

Tria Frog Treats is passionate about giving back to the community, That being said, we receive an overwhelming amount of donation request through the year, we wish we could fulfill every single one, but as a small business it is just feasible. 


​That being said, we do accept a few requests per quarter an may choose to limit donations to personal connections with persons involved or the organizations. Please fill out the form below and if your organization/event is selected, we will reach out. 

Alternatively, at times offer 20% off the purchase of our products for gift basket donations.

We also offer fundraising options. 

Request Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Are you a current Tria Frog Treats Customer?
Would you be open to 20% off products, if not selected for a donation?
Are you inerested in fundrasing?

Thanks for submitting! We review every request, if we select your organization/event, we will reach out!​ Thank you!

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