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Freeze Dried Taffy - Candy Corn

Tria Frog Treats has a large selection of Freeze Dried Taffies, including sour, cotton candy, assorted salt water and we offer a new selection of taffies each month!

Freeze Dried Taffy is the new and exciting way to enjoy your favorite taffy candy. This unique and delicious snack is made by freeze-drying traditional taffy, which removes all the moisture but preserves the sweet and chewy texture. The result is a light and airy treat that explodes in your mouth with flavor.

But the best thing about Freeze Dried Taffy is the taste! It's all the deliciousness of traditional taffy, but with a new and exciting texture that melts in your mouth. The first bite is light and crunchy, followed by a burst of sweet flavor that explodes!

Freeze Dried Taffy - Candy Corn

  • Tria Frog Treats has the largest variey of Freeze Dried Candy selection in Wisconsin with over 60+ Freeze Dried Items including candies, ice creams, our flavored corn, and cheeses! Try them all today! We are also the first & only Freeze Dried Food Truck in Wisconsin and can be booked for your events!

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